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CES ASIA 2019:SEG SMARTECHS Core Products On Display


CES ASIA 2019:SEG SMARTECHS Core Products On Display


From June 11th to 13th 2019, the three-day CES ASIA has successfully held at Shanghai New International Expo Center. In the context of New Four Modernizations, the Consumer Electronics Show has increasingly become a small auto show. However, what differ from the auto show is that CES ASIA exhibiting more automotive-related technologies than full-vehicle products.


CES ASIA has built a window which insight into the future of science & technology and economic trends, China's scientific and technological corporations have also shown "hardcore" products on this exhibition. The 2019 CES ASIA is known as the car manufacturer's world. The exhibitors in the automotive field occupy two of the six exhibition halls, and the area has doubled compare with the previous session. It can be seen that the importance of automotive technology for the rapid development of the car in the future.


In CES ASIA 2019, SEG SMARTECHS has brought a lot highlights in the Automotive Technology Museum (N5 Hall), showcased their: AI technology (including face recognition, bone recognition, DMS, ADAS), V2X, BCM , smart antenna, integrated CAN gateway, integrated telecom Ethernet T-BOX products, financial risk control terminal, financial risk control platform and other comprehensive solutions and core products.


V2X, as a core display product, demonstrated the key technologies for the future intelligent transportation system. It enables communication between cars and cars, cars and people, cars and the other equipments. Thereby obtaining a series of traffic information such as real-time vehicle information, road information, passer-by information, to improve driving safety and traffic efficiency, and reduce traffic jam.


SEG SMARTECHS has been deeply involved in the field of vehicle networking for 20 years. With in-depth research and experience in telematics fields, it has provided terminal devices and solutions for passenger vehicles, new energy vehicles and commercial vehicles for dozens of domestic automakers, was highly recognized and praised by industry customers.


In terms of vehicle control, SEG SMARTECHS showcased a variety of mature vehicle controllers, including the integrated BCM and partially integrated bodywork control products.


In terms of active safety, SEG SMARTECHS showcased its high-definition AVM system and the night vision AVM system, which can still display good imaging results in the harsh all-dark environment.


In the field of auto finance and financial risk control, SEG SMARTECHS is in a leading