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Comprehensive solution for enhanced driving safety, SEG SMARTECHS attend CES ASIA 2019


Comprehensive solution for enhanced driving safety, SEG SMARTECHS attend CES ASIA 2019


On June 11 2019, the Asia Consumer Electronics Show has been opened in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. The CES ASIA in year is the third consecutive appearance of SEG SMARTECHS who brings surprises to the automotive technology field as usual.


SEG SMARTECHS CEO Mr. Wang Zhiqiang introduced to the live media and guests: This year is the 20th anniversary of SEG SMARTECHS, we officially entered into the 2.0 era from the 1.0 era at the present stage. In the 1.0 era, SEG SMARTECHS providing private car security service to private car customers and vehicle networking solutions to industry users based on our core telematics business. Nowadays, in the era of 2.0, SEG SMARTECHS takes intelligent hardware, intelligent networking and intelligent manufacturing as the core business, comprehensively enhances the competitive advantage of SEG SMARTECHS in the industry, and enhances the R&D and manufacturing ability in automotive intelligence industry.


SEG SMARTECHS is attending this year's CES with the theme of “AI Auto - makes AI full of acceleration”. In this year, SEG SMARTECHS introduced AI technology into intelligent hardware, which can realize face recognition, bone recognition, DMS, ADAS, and improve the comprehensive safety of drivers.


In addition, the multi-layered AI technology runs through the application level, algorithm mechanism, chip, tool chain, device, process and materials. Each level is tightly coupled to form the AI technology chain. The AI chip itself is in the middle of the entire chain, which providing support for applications and algorithms upwardly, and downwards to raise the requirements for devices and circuits, processes and materials.


In terms of technology: building a large data system in a short period of time will be an important direction for the development of enterprises and research institutions; in terms of business: artificial intelligence will be widely used in data-rich industries and mature business scenarios in a short time.


Mr. Wang Weijun said: SEG SMARTECHS also highlighted V2X in this CES, which is the key technology of the future intelligent transportation system. It enables communication between cars and cars, cars and people, cars and drive test equipments. Thereby obtaining a series of traffic information such as real-time vehicle information, road information, pedestrian information. Improve driving safety and traffic efficiency, reduce traffic jam. Here I sincerely invite all you media friends come to visit our V2X on the spot later on, we have professional staff to explain for you.


In response to the inquiries from the on-site media about the export trade, Mr. Wang pointed out that SEG SMARTECHS currently has two major export businesses: one is the vehicle intelligent terminal, the main target is in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and India; And the other is in vehicle intelligence field, the current development of BCM is very good and the market prospects are optimistic. In addition, V2X is also in business project negotiations currently, which also could be a key export-oriented product in the near future.