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1、Application area 

Guidance for internal techniques and customer support

2、Product introduction

GL205, intelligent GPS tracker, is a pole-mounting and anti-theft e-lock. The stability and safety has been strengthened significantly by pole-mounting structure. Adjustable bolt can be suitable for locking bar with different length. GL205 supports Real-time GPS tracking and monitoring of lock status and location. Online unlock and offline unlock(BLE APP) are also supported. Dynamic password and static password are also available. GL205 offers a safer,more efficient and intelligent solution on transportation and management for mobile assets.

3、Function introduction

3.1、Smart unlock

Lot platform unlock and static password unlock are supported. Besides, offline unlock (BLE APP) is also available, which can be suitable for different internet environment. It’s safer for dynamic password to unlock GL205.

3.2、Smart door-perception of attitude (gesture)

Pole-mounting design enables a stable connection between the lock itself and the door (of containers). Based on six-axis accelerometer, more status of containers can be perceived,such as forward-tilt and side-tilt,which keeps customers informed about the status of containers.


A GEO-fence can be any area chosen by clients. Unlocking only in the GEO-fence can be set. Illegal unlocking will be identified when out the GEO-fence. Abandoned card unlocking will be uploaded,which improves cargo safety.


GL205 Datasheet-1.png

4、Environment Adaptation

Low temperature

It can work for 48 hours under the lowest temperature of -30°C .

High temperature

It can work for 48 hours under the highest temperature of +70°C.


It can work for 48 hours under the testing of +50°C  and 95% non-condensing humidity.


The device will be intact under the testing of half sine wave, 5G acceleration,pulse duration of 11ms by impacting three times from each axis. The device functions well during and after testing.


Scanning range:5Hz–300Hz. 

Scanning speed: 1oct/min

Scanning time: 30 minutes at each direction

Housing Protection grade

Housing of Intelligent device is compatible with the requirements of IP65 in GB/T4208-2008

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Immunity of ESD is compatible with the requirements of GB/T17626.2. With the testing grade of 7kv accepted contact discharge and 14kv air discharge, grade B is judged. Immunity of radiation can meet the requirements of GB/T17626.3. With filed strength of 24V/m and frequency of 20MHz–6000MHz, grade B is judged.

Installation Compatibility

Ways of installing: Reinforced pole-mounting

Stability :Strong; Top security

5、Core parameters

GL205 Datasheet-2.png